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GPS: 57°44'46.0"N 12°07'48.6"E

Welcome to the old village in Lexby, once a collection of 17 farms inhabited for many centuries. The name is first documented in the 1500s, but people have lived here long before that. There are bronze age mounds in the mountains and the village has been looted and burned several times.

One of the troubled periods was in the 1500s. Soldiers moved through the valley and plundered the village for food. As they even took men and boys to fill out the ranks, the villagers would hide in the hills of Brattefjäll.

The fields facing south were fruitful for all kinds of cultivation. The farmers sold fruit and vegetables in Gothenburg. There were even two plant schools. In the 1960s came the Million Programme – public housing – and the municipality bought the farms using eminent domain laws. Several of the old farmhouses were burnt down by the fire authorities and most of the farmers moved away. The process was extremely sad for the farmers as the land had been cultivated for many generations.

However, the old village was not burned as their land was not needed for housing. Three farmers stayed on continuing to farm and raise farm animals. But since the municipality owned the land and most of the buildings many of them began to fall apart.

In 2006 the municipality rediscovered the village. They found a value in the old cultural landscape, as well the desire of the inhabitants to be able to ride in and visit the countryside. So the last remaining farming family and the municipality began to collaborate. The municipality began by clearing the overgrown fields. Sheep byres were built, stables fixed up, other buildings renovated and various projects initiated.

Today there are a number of actors in the village – Partille beekeepers, Lexby Riding Club, the cultivation association Mat för alla (Food for All), Partille Home Guard, High Adventure, Lexby farm and many more. There are two stables with 16 horses in all and two sheep byres for lamb production. The non-profit organisation Levande Lexby (Living Lexby) sponsors different events such as a haying festival and Lucia in Lexby. Other volunteers have created four walking tours around the village. One of them, the Culture Path, goes through the village along the old livestock path and then over the fields towards two old crofts.

Partille municipality owns the land the Lexby Farm leases and cultivates. The housing organization Partillebo owns nearly all the buildings in the old village and leases them to its Culture and Outdoor authority. The village is but a small fragment of the old farming society that, if correctly managed, can be a unique site to visit in the future.

The village is open all day the whole year.

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Leave route E20 at exit 80 and drive towards Kåhög. Drive under the railroad and turn right at the traffic circle on to Lexbyvägen. Lexby Farm lies to the left some 100 m after the sports fields.


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