Säveå Nature Preserve

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GPS: 57°47'13.3"N 12°18'48.0"E

Between Floda and the Knavra Bridge along the Säveå River lies a fantastic, easy-to-reach and well visited nature preserve. Whatever the season this changeable waterway and its surroundings offer something exciting. Its comfortable, well prepared path stretching from near the railway stations in Floda and Stenkullen makes it possible to visit this exciting pearl in Göteborgs Insjörike on foot.

The path starts at the former tannery factory near Floda where water birds often play in a quiet eddy all year. Wild ducks and mergansers are common and with a bit of luck you can see some small grebes. The latter is Lerum’s “municipal bird” who sometimes stays through the winter. From here you follow the river rapids downstream to the ancient Kusebacka bridge. This is where the elegant yellow wagtail breed and where dippers boldly dive in the cold winter water hunting caddis fly larvae.

Varied deciduous ravines empty into the river and now and then you can spot evidence of beaver activities that divert the water flow. There was once a rich growth of blue hepatica on one of the larger points locally called the “hepatica sea”. However, there are fewer today. White anemones fill the spaces every spring along the river. There are several benches and quiet places to rest on.

Farther downstream you’ll find the Hillefors Grynkvarn, a well preserved grain mill. Today it is a listed building and a popular  picnic stop offering several sites with a view. With a bit of luck you can see salmon trying to leap up to the millpond or follow the exotically coloured kingfisher streak by. In some years it breeds here. For more information about the mill, click here.

On your way to the Knavra Bridge you pass a shallow sand beach where there is a footbridge over the river. At one time there was a hydropower facility here, but today there are only well preserved stone foundations and canalisation. The wildly flowing water makes for superb photo opportunities. There is parking nearby and you can reach the Stenkullen train station by walking up the embankment.

Though the Knavra Bridge is worth seeing in itself, it is the real start of the path. But parking here is very limited. More parking is available at the Stenkullen station  57°47'30.1"N 12°18'50.3"E. If possible, we recommend using the commuting train to Stenkullen and follow the path to Floda. The reverse works as well,


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